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What Is TikTok? And Why Is This a Trend of the Internet?

TikTok is the favored app of young people around the world today, supplanting a long obsession with Instagram and Snapchat. It’s a social media site that allows for short videos to be developed and posted on the platform, giving people a way to share music and their thoughts. Like many other things that have attracted younger users in the past, TikTok has been met with a lot of resistance, but is it dangerous? We’re going to show you everything you need to know about it.

Who Invented TikTok?

According to Business Insider, the short-form video platform was developed by the Chinese developer, ByteDance, in 2016. It was developed to allow people to generate short videos (between 3 and 60 seconds) about their everyday life while including music. In the beginning, the users began to lip-sync to music and dance, sharing the videos with other people on the platform and allowing others to see them. As of the writing of this article, there have been over 2 billion mobile downloads of the app. Thus, it is a very popular app that continues to post record growth in countries around the world, with over 40 languages available for use in the app.

What’s The Point of TikTok?

Now that you know how it came to be, it’s a good idea to look at the point of the app. A lot of older people that aren’t tech-savvy want to know why people enjoy the app. While the short-form videos have reduced the overall ability of people to develop content for the site, it has brought out many forms of ingenuity. Now, people use the apps to show off dances, put music over situations in their real lives, and directly address their audience. The nature of the video app makes people more likely to use this as a visual and audio medium instead of posting pictures and content, allowing content to be shared and understood faster. Thus, the point of the app was originally to make entertainment for your friends, but that has been changed in recent years. Now, people are using TikTok as a way to sell products and work with brands to make money, but that is something that we’re going to explore later.

How Safe Is TikTok?

There are different elements of safety to examine when it comes to TikTok in the present day. For one thing, you have to consider the content on the site. While a lot of the content is simply people sharing videos with their friends, some mature content has become commonly found on the site. Moreover, there is the concept of a near-addiction that can develop when a person repeatedly watches short videos on the site. Yet, the thing about the safety of the people that are using TikTok is that they are as safe with the app as they act. In other words, if they monitor their use of the app and limit the number of permissions that it has, then using it should be fine. There is also a major concern for personal security, something we’ll discuss in the next section.

What Are the Dangers of TikTok?

There are some inherent dangers with repeatedly watching short content. Some concerned researchers have said that the constantly shifting content can be a detriment to someone’s ability to pay attention for long periods, affecting their attention span in school. The fact that the videos on the site keep shifting without a start and stop button makes the content even easier to get lost in. That can be troublesome, but it’s nothing compared to the potential security concerns for the app.

Some security experts have expressed concerns about the app, stemming from the potential for the app to gain more access to a person’s smartphone and information than it should have. In fact, many are worried that the Chinese government can use the app to gain information on valuable targets in the US and leverage that information to harm the country. Without getting into specifics, the result of these fears and the security breaches for TikTok have led to extended, ongoing court battles.

How to Use TikTok for Marketing

The advent of the influencer culture took less time to develop on TikTok than it did with Instagram and Snapchat. The immense popularity of the app was buoyed by attempts of the government in the US to shut down the app, causing more people to want to take part in it. Not only did they like the idea of doing what they’re told not to do, but some people worried that the government intervention would outright take down the app before they could use it. However, that has merely led to a faster marketing culture developing on the app. Now, businesses of all kinds got involved on the platform, and they offer rewards for people that connect with them, including money off. That’s not all, though. As mentioned, the influencers on the website have immense numbers of viewers. Charli D’Amelio has reached 100 million followers on the platform, the fastest that an individual has gotten that many followers on the platform, and forever changing the way that businesses market.

Can You Make Money on TikTok?

The short answer to this question is yes; you can make money on TikTok. People like the Charli D’Amelio have leveraged their followers to get partnerships with major brands like Dunkin’. The influencer gets money, and the brand gets recognition with a group of people that they would not have been able to reach otherwise. It’s unknown how much money people have earned on the app, but it’s believed that Charli D’Amelio has earned millions of dollars.

TikTok is a cultural phenomenon that has captured the interest of billions around the world. While some people site security flaws as a reason not to use it, the app is still available on the app marketplace today. For now, it remains a major social media presence that has helped people connect and helped brands connect with others.

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