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Top 5 Exclusive Cars to Impress a Girl on a First Date

A car is one of the most impressive things a man can get – in a dating sense, of course. Whether you meet a girl on the street or have an outstanding profile picture featuring your roaring beast (a car, of course) on the online dating site to impress even larger quantities of ladies, having a cool car is a sure sign of having a substantial financial recourse. And even more – if a car is great, tasteful, and exclusive, it is a sign of taste.

However, honking at a girl in a crowd to attract her attention and show her a car is one of the most unpleasant things a man can do. But could you imagine the effect when you got it all fiery and flirty with a girl on a dating site and then invited her to a first date and met her in a supercar? This will be an emotional rollercoaster she won’t forget till the end of her days!

Now, picking a great car to impress girls you charm on online dating sites is a cornerstone of this plan. Here are the five most popular vehicles a man can drive so that no girl could ever say no to a night drive on a passenger seat:

  • Tesla Model S Plaid

This car is a dozen times cheaper than other entries on this list, but Elon Musk, being the ultimate playboy that he is, couldn’t go wrong in making an ideal go-to date car. And Model S Plaid is the ultimate Tesla – it is fast (too fast if you ask some, but not the girls seeking a great partner on the online hookup sites), it’s amazingly comfortable, its outside design is a state-of-the-art example of a modern car, and minimalistic cabin allows for a lot of fooling around on a date. Besides, it has an autopilot that can take the wheel while the driver does something a little more interesting (although it is not fully featured; thus, we don’t recommend doing so!).

  • Ferrari LaFerrari

The definitive Ferrari. There are faster cars, cars that are harder to buy, but there are so few vehicles as iconic and exclusive as the red beast from the most well-known Italian carmaker in the world. LaFerrari is probably the coolest car of the last decade, there are about 700 of them in the entire world, so if you own one of them – congratulations, your dating life just got a boost it won’t receive from any other car.

  • Pagani Huayra

Arguably even better-looking than LaFerrari and even more exclusive (albeit packing tons of different variations), Pagani Huayra is a favorite of speed-freaks worldwide and an impressive entry on its own. Using active aerodynamics and the best quality parts from manufacturers from the entire world, its crowning achievement is still having an exclusive engine developed by Mercedes just for this particular car. Huayra is fast (up to 383 km/h fast) and sleek.

  • Rimac Nevera

For those who want their driving experience environmentally conscious but feel Tesla is too mainstream for them, we’re introducing Rimac Nevera: advertised as an ultimate electric hypercar, this monster goes from 0 to 250 km/h in seven seconds but is as comfortable and high-tech as it is fast.

  • Aston Martin Speedster V12

With its giant V12 engine and sleek aesthetics, combining the feel of a 60’s roadster with the looks and powers of a 2020+ hypercar, the Speedster isn’t even a vehicle, it is an experience. Driving around with your date in this phenomenal art object is something no other car on the list can give you. Just warn your date beforehand that there’s no need for a complex hairstyle – it will be ruined by a furious wind.


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