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Relationship or Entanglement: How to Understand the Difference?

More and more people are finding themselves in entanglements instead of relationships. While it can be hard to discern the difference between the two, some elements of them are completely unique to one another. As such, you’ll need to take a proper look at each to determine what you have with your partner so that you can consider what you want!

What Is an Entanglement?

An entanglement has many of the hallmarks of a relationship, but it lacks the healthy development that people associate with a positive interaction. According to the experts, an entanglement is a form of romantic association where the two people involved are not entirely mature or connected. Typically, they are moderately-long interactions that begin and mostly work in the same way that a relationship would. The two people would spend a fair amount of time with each other, call them their boyfriend or girlfriend, and introduce people to their family. That sounds a lot like a healthy bond, right? Well, the fact remains that some elements below the surface make an entanglement far less fulfilling and stable than a serious relationship. The lack of stability and the inability to develop and move forward together make an entanglement unique. We much look at the signs of an entanglement to best understand this concept.

Signs You’re in an Entanglement

The signs of an entanglement will vary from couple to couple, but there are some clear signs that you must look for when evaluating your personal interactions. For example, here are several different signs that you and your partner have an entanglement and not a relationship.

  • You are not able to be yourself

When you are in a relationship, and you feel the need to hide who you are inside, then you are in an entanglement. You should not have to hide a part of your culture, desire, love of going out with friends, or anything else to be with another person. People that compromise for the sake of their partner are not in a relationship.

  • You never truly resolve issues

Another expert says that an entanglement is made obvious when two people have the same problems over and over. Relationships are about growth. Specifically, they are about growing together with your partner’s help. If you can’t get past simple issues together, then you are not having a happy, successful relationship.

  • You feel like you aren’t being heard

A major issue that people is that they feel they are not being heard by their partners in their relationship. That can happen from time to time in a healthy relationship, but good partners can re-calibrate and get back on track. That’s not the case with people in an entanglement; they’ll feel like they are never heard or respected by their partner.

Now that you can identify if you are in an entanglement, you should also be aware of what a good relationship looks like.

What Is a Relationship?

Not being in an entanglement doesn’t automatically mean you are in a healthy relationship. That being said, you should know what a relationship is and what it is not. Scientifically speaking, human connections are often called relationships, but healthy romantic relationships are more than connection and comfort with each other.

Romantic relationships are marked by the intimacy that is reserved for the two people involved in the interaction, such as physical intimacy. Romantic relationships are also marked by longevity, sexual feelings, and a sense of working together toward common goals. In many ways, relationships can only be broadly defined, so most people are better served by looking at the signs that they are in a healthy relationship rather than struggling to define a term that is so commonly attributed to partnerships.

Signs of a Healthy Relationship

What makes a relationship healthy? In both personal relationships and romantic relationships, there are some things that you must consider. Here are some of the signs you’re in a healthy relationship.

  • Physical connections

One of the key indicators of a healthy relationship is the ability and willingness to take part in sexual relations. Not only does the act represent trust and create closeness, but the fact that romantic relationships are the common place where people want to have sex, it’s an important facet of the relationship.

People in a relationship can communicate openly and honestly with their partners. They do not feel judged; they feel completely capable of sharing whatever they want with their partner without worry.

  • You maintain your individuality

A lot of people get lost in their relationships and lose their individuality. While every relationship will impart certain features on the people involved, you should maintain a sense of self that is freely explored. You should never feel as though you can’t explore things on your own.

  • The ability to thrive alone

When you’re in a relationship, you should still have the ability to go places and do things on your own. Having your partner there should enhance your actions, not take away from them.

These are all great hallmarks of a healthy relationship. Each one is different, though. The goal of a relationship should be to become the best version of yourself, and your partner should help you along the way there!

Knowing the difference between an entanglement and a relationship will put you in a position to recognize what you have in your life right now. Unfortunately, some people will discover that their relationship is not everything that it should be and that they are experiencing an entanglement. Understanding the differences between the two will help you recognize what you need to know in the future when identifying a deep, healthy bond. It should be said that an entanglement doesn’t usually have the quality to transform into a relationship; so, you should consider finding a new partner if you find yourself in one that has run its course.

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