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Long-distance relationships: 10 practical tips on how to maintain relationships

Consider this an opportunity

First off, you have to frame the way that you look at your relationship. Some people think of long-distance relationships as being fatal. However, if you think of your relationship as a test of your love, your mindset will improve. Being apart from your partner makes you think about all the reasons that you’re together. Also, it allows you time to be yourself and ensure that being part of a relationship is something that is actually exciting, even if your date lived across the street. Change your mindset and reap the benefits.

Try to communicate regularly

A great way to make your relationship work when you’re living apart is by communicating regularly with one another. Have some kind of scheduled interaction at least once a week so that you can make sure you are talking enough. The rifts in your relationship will start to form when you do not talk with each other frequently enough. Also, make use of technology to text message one another or send pictures, too.

Play games by video

Video games are a great way to spend time with each other when you’re far apart. Whether you’re playing games through Vatsap, talking to each other through a D&D campaign, or playing a game on Xbox, you’ll have a wonderful time. You can essentially start a date night with each other by playing games that you both love!

Dirty evening conversations and sexy photos

You knew this tip was coming. Distance is not an excuse to let go of the romantic aspects of your relationship. That’s why it is a good idea for you to send some sexy pictures to one another, have a risqué conversation on the phone, or send NSFW messages throughout the day. Let your partner know that you are still interested in them physically to maintain the relationship. People have needs, after all, and fulfilling them with your partner ensures that you maintain a feeling of intimacy. According to experts, this builds a high level of trust.

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Respecting the reason for being apart

You can’t sit around and think about how easy everything would be if you and your partner were not separated. That will only lead you down a dark path of thinking about the reason for your separation in a negative way, and that can result in making foolish choices. People have been known to drop out of school, pass up on scholarships, and do a lot of other crazy stuff to be with the person they love. Respect the reasons you are apart and recognize that the future will see both of you together.

Prioritize your schedules well

You and your partner must make sure your schedules work for each other. You cannot expect your partner to drop everything they’re doing for your sake, and the same goes for them. Apparently, the best way to solve the scheduling problems that plague romantic couples is to make your plans well in advance and try to determine which days and times work best for both of you.

Write letters to each other

Write a real paper letter to your romantic partner. It might seem old-fashioned, but the world could use a little more of that sappy romance. It’s a dying art that is highly symbolic and gives your partner something to read that took time and effort to write. It’s more concise than speaking, has more developed ideas than a text, and it allows your partner to look at it when they’re feeling lonesome. Paper letters are a must!

You must have a common goal

You can’t get into a long-distance relationship without a common goal for the future. In what way do you develop this relationship so that you and your partner get together in the future? You must have some idea of how to make it happen. Whether that involves you finishing school, them taking a new job, or moving to a new area together, something has to be in the plans. Work on the common goals and save yourself from sudden trouble down the road.

Talk about plans

Another thing that you and your partner must do is talk about your plans. Where do you see yourself in life? How do you fit in this relationship when you’re trying to accomplish those goals? You both must be introspective to determine where you see life taking you so that you can confidently approach the future with your partner.

Say sweet words to each other and show support

Lastly, you should be very kind and sweet with your partner. Sometimes, they have a bad day, and you can’t be there to offer them a shoulder to cry on. Even though you can’t be there, offer them support with kind words. Let them know how much you mean to them. Since you can’t interact with them and show them small physical niceties like hugging them, you should make an effort to be more verbal with your communications. This can be difficult for a lot of people, but it will help keep your relationship strong and make your partner appreciative of your personal efforts on their behalf.

Long-distance relationships are difficult; there are no two ways about it. However, they don’t have to be as hard as they seem if you take the right steps. The tips that we’ve provided here can help you find all sorts of ways to get more out of your romance when you’re living apart. It might seem hard at first, but remember that a little effort in this part of your life will go a long way towards making a happy relationship.

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