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Five facts why men enjoy overweight women

Have you heard? Once you have gone BBW, there’s no going back. Thankfully, gentlemen still feel uneasy about discussing their dating, but this is one stubborn adage that’s been around since Adam was a lad. In the online dating world, chubby girls have always had an excellent reputation. Still, there could be more to their enduring popularity than their ability to post a good profile picture.

This could be something you are already fully aware of, but this is not a trait of our modern times or even a phenomenon unique to dating online. Men have actively sought out larger women since the earliest beginnings of civilization. There are still many cultures that praise and exalt the fuller figure. Read on if you’d like to know why.

#1 Fact: Men Like Women with Curves

Women evolved to be curvy. Fat reserves are needed to produce and rear healthy offspring. Many experts suggest that women with more massive thighs and bottoms tend to have more intelligent offspring in modern times. Men can’t escape biology either. Being attracted to bigger women is part of a whole package of instinctive male reproductive behaviors developed to ensure our species’ survival. Men know subconsciously they are more likely to father smarter and filter children, and they will more likely survive to continue their line.

When men look at women with curves, brain activity increases to trigger the release of hormones that creates a physical reaction that is both strong and pleasant. They get excited. For some poor souls, the mere sight of a woman with a fantastic curvilinear body is enough to drive them crazy.

#2 Fact: Men Feel Calmer When Next to Curvy Women

According to an article in the scientific journal Plus One, men reported feeling calmer when they’re around larger-sized women even during extreme stress moments. This psychological fact is also evolutionary. Some believe it has to do with a desire to be safe and secure with ‘mother’ and argue the physique of a smaller size woman is perceived as an inability to protect and provide.

This may be why plus-sized girls are also considered more expressive and willing to acknowledge their feelings. Partners praise their big girls as great listeners who seem to know when someone needs to talk. When comforting the people that matter to them, they say and do the right things intuitively. Even so, these ladies don’t hold back on giving advice, but it’s delivered with tender honesty. It is these gentle openness men seeking emotional support find so attractive.

#3 Fact: A Chubby Girl Won’t Judge You

In other words, a chubby girl is better prepared to accept people without leaping to conclusions are using stereotypes. She sees people as individuals and especially looks for the positives and sees the potential. She doesn’t demand change because she keeps her needs, wants, and expectations realistic. She’s happy when you are, which makes enjoying the relationship easier.

Big ladies are self-aware, emotionally healthy, and independent, so potential new partners need to bring their best game.

#4 Fact: Men Feel Attracted to Big Breasts

One argument is that men love boobs because boobs once meant feeling nicely sleepy, full of food, and all warm and secure. The comforting sensations produced by these feel-good states are not so dissimilar to those after sexual arousal. Many anthropologists think that men may have always preferred big busted women and argue it’s a human evolutionary trait similar to one displayed by monkeys. When a female is in oestrus and ready to mate, she walks upright with her chest out to make her breasts more prominent. Breasts are also visible in erogenous zones. Throughout a reproductive cycle, subtle changes in the color and size occur. Unless you know about them, these changes are generally picked up on subconsciously, and with bigger girls, there’s so much more to see.

Breasts alone aren’t the reason why men feel attracted to chubby women; her ample rear has a role to play too. A larger bottom and pelvis were once an indicator of a woman’s suitability for childbirth. A central pelvic region meant birthing was more comfortable. Men seeking mates eons ago were constantly battling a high mortality rate among birthing mothers and newborns. With the drive to procreate successfully so ingrained in the male psyche, many men still find a larger rear incredibly attractive.

Even though most men don’t go as far as restricting their dating to larger ladies, many fantasize about plus-sized women. Although it’s their DNA taking over and genes and hormones dictating the imagery, they find comfort in imagining themselves snuggling down and cuddling up with a curvy woman. It would be hard to find warmer hugs, and that on its own is a good enough reason to fall for big beautiful women, but there’s also something unique about losing yourself in the soft folds of her skin.

#5 Fact: The Quickest Way to a Man’s Heart is Through His Stomach

This fact has long been held valid. Although anyone can appreciate a good hearty meal, no one understands food’s power better than a chubby girl. They have a passion for food and are often excellent cooks. They also make perfect dinner hosts. Since they get their pleasure from knowing others are happy, and part of that comes from enjoying a meal she has created, partners can expect to be kept well fed and comfortable as far as his diet is concerned.

All over the world, big beautiful women are regarded as unique. Not only do they know how to use what they have, they know how to get what they want. If you are ever lucky enough to have a big beautiful woman set her sights on you, don’t even bother trying to keep a clear head. Just fall into her arms and surrender.

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