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12 Cooking Hacks That’ll Make You Say, “Why Didn’t I Know This Before?”

Cooking is an art and a science that can be very difficult to get a handle on. It’s not something that everyone has a talent for, either. Fortunately, the experts have different ideas that can help every amateur get a good handle on the act of cooking. These tips will leave you wondering why you never knew about this before!

Peel ginger with a spoon

Peeling ginger is one of the toughest things that you can do in the kitchen, and that’s a shame because the root goes so well in many dishes. Instead of hurting yourself with a knife, take some time to use a spoon. The concave surface of the spoon can cut into the ginger skin perfectly.

Prepare pizza in a skillet

When you imagine a pizza cooking in an oven, you think of the pizza dish. Forget about it! Use a cast-iron skillet to make your pizza, and you will get a great result. Not only will this save you time and effort on preparation and cleanup, but you’ll also have the option to have a pan-baked crust that is much tastier than the flat one you get by using a pizza pan.

Run some water over stale bread and microwave to make it fresh

Another interesting kitchen hack that you can take part in is getting some use out of your stale bread! Experts say that all you need to do is put the water on a damp paper towel to introduce water to the equation and then microwave it. That will rehydrate the bread without ruining it! As long as the bread is still good, you can eat it!

Edible chocolate cups made by a balloon

Making chocolate cups for ice cream or other confections is simple! All you need is a partially inflated balloon. Then, you melt chocolate chips in a saucepan. While they’re still warm, dip the balloon in the chocolate and then let it cool. Slide the new chocolate cup off and use it for whatever you want!

Freeze wine or broth in an ice cube tray

Are you tired of diluting your wine when you need to add ice? Then freeze some wine in ice cube trays and use that instead. In the same line of thinking, you can add broth to an ice cube tray, freeze it, and use it as needed in the future! It’s perfect for soup or recipes!

Shake garlic cloves in bowl jar to slip the skins off

Do you dread cutting the skins off of garlic cloves? Then you can put the cloves in a bowl, cover it with a larger bowl, and then shake it together. That will cause the skins to fall off, so you don’t have to peel them yourself. When you’re done, you can cut them as needed!

Cut softer foods using a dental floss

When you think about slicing soft foods that smear, you might get annoyed at having to clean a knife. Leave the drawer closed instead and use a piece of dental floss. It will make short work of bananas and cheese!

Slap some wet paper towels on bottles of soda or beer to cool them much faster

Do you want a cold drink right now? Did you also forget to put the soda in the fridge? Take a wet paper towel, put it around the bottle of soda or beer, and stick it in the freezer for a few minutes. It will cool down significantly faster!


Freeze a fresh herb mixture in olive oil to add to your meals

Do you have an herb mixture that you simply love with your pasta? Then add it into a bowl with olive oil and freeze it! When it comes time to make a sauce or mix into a meal, simply thaw it out by tossing a few cubes into the mix! It will melt and taste divine!

Bake a cupcake in a mug

Most cake mixes can be used in the microwave! If you don’t feel like baking an entire cake to get that sugar fix that you’re craving, you could simply bake a cupcake for you and someone else in a mug. It’s simple, uses the same ingredients, and you could make a mug for each person! Add in a dollop of ice cream, and you have a great snack!

You can use a spoon to help you peel fresh eggs more quickly

Peeling hardboiled eggs can be a pain, but it can be a lot easier if you use a spoon to help you! Crack the top of the egg and then work the spin inside. Not only will you be less likely to crack into the yolk, but the curved spoon makes the shell come off very easily!

Use frozen dishware for cold food and drinks

A lot of people take a delicious cold beverage and then serve it in a mug that is room temperature. A better idea is to freeze a couple of mugs when you’re getting ready to sit down for a beer or two. Pour the cold beer into the mug, and it will cool down the beverage a great deal! That way, you don’t have to put ice into your drink and dilute it!

There are many different tips and tricks that you can use while cooking to get some amazing outcomes. The 12 tips that we’ve listed here can help people out that beginners and even show a thing or two to those that know their way around the kitchen. No matter your level of expertise, it’s always a good idea to learn new ways to make your life a little easier! Keep these tips on the fridge or saved on your phone and use them as needed!

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