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The body-positive trend of our time

The concept of body positivity is becoming more recognizable in the present day. People all over the world are working to look past what they perceive as flaws in their bodies and accept themselves for who they are. That notion that everyone is deserving of love no matter what they look like has pervaded various forms of media as well as the collective consciousness of society, both in a positive and negative way. Looking at this topic, people must come away with a complete understanding of body positivity and its impact on the world. 

What does “body-positive” mean? The pros and cons of such a lifestyle

Before we get into the discussions surrounding the body positivity movement, it’s important to identify the concepts. Basically, the accepted definition of the body positive movement is that people should accept the body that they have even if it has severe flaws. For example, people who are overweight, have a disability, suffered a severe change to their body throughout their lives, and individuals outside the realm of what is socially acceptable as beautiful should maintain a positive outlook about their body. Furthermore, the adherents of this movement believe that it is the duty of businesses that have only used traditionally beautiful bodies to change the way they endorse beauty. Rather than focusing on thin, buxom models, it is up to these companies to represent the people they actually serve. This can involve promoting different body types and offering a wide line of consumer goods to meet the needs of the various bodies that require those products. 

The benefits and cons of this body positivity model include:

  • An increase in the available goods for people with atypical body types
  • Increased representation in mainstream media that leads to a beneficial mindset
  • The ability to recognize unhealthy or unattainable body standards and denounce them
  • Changing society’s views on what a person is supposed to look like from their perspective
  • Misinterpretation and co-opting of the movement by businesses

Overall, this movement is healthy and helpful for the majority of people, especially women.

Body-positive is a lifestyle or source of income: how to make a profit from it?

That doesn’t mean that some companies are doing more to help people than to make money off of them. Using dating sites such as body-positive women began to love themselves – precisely as they are – in a world that tries to dictate who and what is beautiful. As such, these dating sites are incredibly popular for people who do not think of themselves as being traditionally beautiful or worthy of the love they desire. They offer people the chance to meet single individuals that have a certain body type that is outside of the definitions of “normal” and feel great doing it. These dating websites are safe spaces for individuals that need them most. 

A model of success: famous bloggers and models

Many famous bloggers and models that have been successful in the realm of body positivity. We’re going to show you some of the best of each so you can see how successful they have become in this unique niche. 


  • Musings of a Curvy Lady
  • Girls with Curves
  • Jay Miranda
  • Ragini Nag Rao
  • Courtney Mina

These people are great bloggers who exude confidence and the realities associated with being a part of the body positivity movement. 


  • Jari Jones
  • Ashley Graham
  • Diana Veras
  • Kate Wasley
  • Saffi Karina

These models are some of the most interesting people from the body positivity movement. They offer inspiration through the ways they dress and the grace with which they handle situations in their daily lives. 

How does a body-positive lifestyle affect relationships and dating?

The question has to be raised and answered- what does a body-positive lifestyle change about relationships and dating. The most obvious answer to this question is that dating someone who holds these ideas will result in them recognizing their self-worth. Many people who consider themselves ugly or undesirable will allow themselves to be in a relationship that is not healthy just for the sake of having a partner. They will endure abuse and name-calling because they are convinced that nobody else could ever love them. However, the matter is that people who believe that they are inherently worthy will be less likely to stay in these relationships and instead strive for the happiness they know they’re worthy of having. 

Dating people that are involved with this ideology is much easier, too. They tend to flock to places that celebrate their uniqueness rather than participate in the mainstream dating methodologies. Specifically, you can find many of these people using online dating services that cater to the specific crowd of people they belong to. Individuals that are overweight or share some other body types will want to be found and put their perceived flaws right out front for the world to see. 

The body positivity movement has been a powerful force in helping people overcome the issues that they have with their stature. Women and men that have felt unworthy of love their entire lives are starting to come out of their shells and participate in life in new ways. While it can be a challenge to get everyone to accept this idea that all people are worthy, more and more individuals are won over every day. It’s time for people to love themselves like never before. 

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