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3 days in Spain: How to spend an unforgettable time

People of every walk of life feel open about their sexuality and emotions. A young couple might sit in a cafe on the same side of the booth on their date, even the first meeting, and publicly show much affection to their partner. This romantic culture sweeps newcomers off their feet and challenges them to be more extroverted. With only three days to spend in Spain, you and your partner must see Ibiza, Barcelona, and Madrid.

How to spend time in Spain

Getting to know this gem next to the Mediterranean Sea can’t happen in a single trip, but visiting these sites will offer many memorable experiences. A trip to this Southern European country will take you many places.

A hugely popular destination for Europeans is the coastal resorts of Ibiza. Get transported into a different world of tourism, luxury, sun and fun, and all-night parties. Remember to pack your makeup bag, your best clothes, and shoes, and be ready for a wild ride. Bring extra cash or credit cards, so you can fully immerse yourself in the party culture. Spaniards dress to impress, spend much of their savings on vacation entertainment and pleasure, and stay up all night. The evening meal might occur at midnight.

Fall in love with the dating culture

If you fall in love with a Spaniard, expect their intentions to be clear early on about dating and intercourse. If you’re conservative about dating, brace yourself for a wild ride! Their society accepts different ways of life, including LGBTQ persuasions. The culture involves lots of beautiful and spicy courting, so if you only have three days, they may not be enough!

The most picturesque places in Spain

Go to Ibiza for a luxurious time

Take a cruise on an all-inclusive party boat. You and your friends receive food and drinks for one price, perhaps as low as $100, and feel safe during your entire passage. You and your date can dance all night long to the latest DJs, but expect much of the music here comes from earlier decades, especially in the discotecas. Put yourself on a strict diet a few weeks in advance of traveling to Ibiza, so your beach body is ready, and you feel confident in your swimsuit!

During the day, get vitamin D while sampling a variety of beaches, some of which are where hedonists and pleasure-seekers test your social norms, including clothing-optional spots. However, there are also family-friendly beaches and places for zen and drumming circles. You can even find beaches with few people anywhere in view. There is a big opportunity to rent bikes or small boats and see the outdoor gems of Ibiza. Choose from a variety of adventure tours.

Enjoy a big city like Barcelona

Get lost in a big city. Sit on a bench to people-watch all day. Spain has received international attention in recent years for unrest in its big cities, especially in Catalonia striving for independence and Barcelona as its capital. Therefore, always travel with a group and stay close to your mates. If you visit the Old Town district at Las Ramblas, you can party in the early evening and all through the night. Feel entertained by street performers, tasty restaurants, and get to relax in diverse bars and clubs.

Skip over to Madrid

Capitals are beautiful but sometimes difficult. For example, if you’re with a group, criminals will still target you, preying upon tourists in any place. Therefore, plan for nightly accommodations and how to safely use public transit in the city. Don’t go anywhere alone at night. There are multiple dating options, everything from electronic dance clubs with the latest international tunes to outdoor bars and cafes.

Madrid is an extremely walkable capital city. If you time it right, visit when there is an event for thousands, such as the Paraiso Festival for electronic music fans. Or, get dressed up in evening wear and take your new girlfriend to the opera. It’s called the Teatro Real. Wherever you go, you will love the hospitality of the Spanish people and the many cultures represented here.

Nightlife in Spanish Cities

You will notice distinct differences between the Spanish dating culture and other countries, especially the U.S., Canada, and Northern Europe. In numerous bars, clubs and everywhere else, actually, people tend to stand closer to each other, use their hands extensively as they talk, and show heavy affection. This includes showing affection to family members, friends, and first-time dates. Heavy kissing, groping, making out, and other close encounters can shock non-Spaniards in restaurants, bars, and in the street. People might feel like they’re invading your personal space. It’s all part of the culture. Even if you’re a foreigner, people greet you with a kiss on the left cheek and another kiss on the right cheek, known as dos besos, which feels forward when compared to a handshake. See this even when riding on the metro train, Gasp when an amorous couple sitting next to you locks their tongues for their entire ride but doesn’t miss their stop! One explanation is that people live with their extended families, such as young adults in their twenties and thirties, living with their parents and grandparents. Crowded residences don’t afford anyone much space or privacy. Therefore, when adults go out in public, they are much freer with their romantic affections, so when you visit any vibrant nightclubs like the Kapital or the Opium Club in Madrid, be prepared that US parties will look almost modest in comparison.

Spaniards often decide quickly about whether to keep dating you, when they aim for the night of intimacy, and when to introduce you to their social circles. They are close to their families and seek their approval of a romantic partner. Spaniards are charismatic, spiritual, and open people. Within this Catholic country, you will find people of other heritages and religions as well. However, it is customary to be late to dates and group meetings here, and some dates start late in the evening, even close to midnight, because they eat and drink later in Spain. If you are approached for a late-night date, don’t be offended. Don’t assume that you’re being solicited for a casual encounter. Best of luck navigating this vibrant country!

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